Our Business

Our Business
by Jeffrey Summers

What We Do

Summers Hospitality Group® uses an experience and research-based, multi-stage process to guide your organization to sustainable, long-term success. We will work closely with you on each step of the process. Since the goal is sustainability, we do not do the work for you. Instead, we partner with you. We are there as advisers—sharing our proven techniques and assisting you as you apply these principles to your business.

Jeffrey engages in all aspects of hospitality management and has a proven track record in developing brands and turning these brands into market-leading businesses. He provides systems and services that improve all areas of your hospitality business,

Jeffrey offers a range of coaching and mentoring services designed to help leaders who are dissatisfied with the status quo propel themselves and their organizations to the next level of success.

EventWorx™ are the SHG speaking, workshops and educational and training programs for leaders and staff at all levels – that offers deeper and expanded opportunities to grow participants understanding and awareness of what it takes to build success.

Our Expertise

Our Coaching and consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, growth, performance improvement, organization, analytics, information technology, culinary, beverage, service, real world results, social/digital, new business openings, guest experience design, marketing/branding across all sectors and geographies. We bring intensive, pragmatic and successful expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across every experience of any organization. We deliver a proven multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.


Development, marketing and engineering for optimal sales and profitability


Ensuring the entire business is aligned and set up to successfully deliver on all goals and objectives.


Tailored solutions that deliver results and achieve sustained growth.


Strategic experience and analytical expertise combine to enable better decision making and create long-term value.

Performance Development

Enabling businesses to grow revenue, improve margins and reposition quickly.


Engineering guest loyalty

Guest|Employee Experience Design

In-depth guest insights combined with economic and operational fundamentals


Predicting, measuring and managing risk associated with change management


Identifying opportunities and developing business cases to make sustainable growth a source of on-going and long-term value.

Digital|Social Business

Deliver on core strategy, amplifying guest experiences and operate smarter and faster

New Business Opening

From site selection to grand opening.

Information Technology

Realizing the full potential of IT resources, investments and assets.

Why You Should Work With Us


Strategic Thinking

We believe you have to know where you are today in order to map out a route to where you want to be tomorrow or next month or next year. We make it part of our business to be current on roadblocks, detours, shortcuts, trends, systems, etc. And as in all of our relationships with clients, our interest is NEVER about the short term.



All of our programs are built to make you a success. Which means we build them according to your specific and unique needs. This doesn’t mean we “customize” them to fit your business (which means nothing more than taking a templated program and tweaking it to fit your situation). We personalize them 100% from the beginning to ensure that we leverage every unique aspect of your business in order to innovate your ability to create success. This is a very critical difference.


Successful Experience

There’s a big difference between years of ‘business experience’ and years of ‘successful business experience’. Just because someone’s been in business for ‘X’ number years doesn’t mean they’ve had success or even more importantly, evolved their actual knowledge and understanding of how to build success. We’ve been building successful hospitality businesses for four decades.


Innovative Ideas

Our core business philosophy is that fixing problems or resolving issues isn’t enough. That real improvement requires innovating both your business and your business thinking so that you can innovate through the gap between your actual performance and your vision for success.



Our efforts will enhance your leadership and management abilities as well as your understanding of business in such a dramatic way that you will capture & retain new guests, grow your business, build your brand, kick-start your top line and take more cash to the bank



Return On Investment – We strive to achieve a minimum 1,000% return on your investment (ROI). What does that mean to you? If the program we agree on that will help you achieve the level of success you desire requires an investment of $10,000, then the return (through lower costs or increased sales or a combination of both) will be a minimum of $100,000.


1. Grow your business. 2. Make excuses.

Our powerful business programs are about helping you and your business master the fundamentals and create positive, long-term opportunity. No other programs offer more value with the immediate impact or greater ROI than ours or creates the level of impacting and sustainable change necessary to grow your business.

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